We are a family business, founded in 2000,
providing technical plastic injection services for any sector such as:
automotive, railway, lighting, agricultural, construction, mining, food and toys.

We would like to thank our customers for the trust they have shown in us by choosing to work with us for over 20 years


About us

Gaspar y Cantín is a company providing injection moulding services, specialising in technical plastics, with over 20 years’ experience in the sector.

Our team is fully committed to providing excellent quality end products and complete customer satisfaction, as well as striving to achieve continuous improvement in production processes and continuous care of the moulds.

We are able to respond to a high number of requests and offer quick delivery times for orders.

Technological capacity

We have 6 injection moulding machines with injection capacity for small parts of less than 1 gram up to 700 grams, and with tonnages from 100 up to 300 tonnes.

We offer advice on new and current projects, both in terms of modifications and the manufacture of moulds and end parts. We recommend the best materials in line with the end purpose of the part, always in continuous communication and cooperation with our customers and suppliers.


Thanks to our philosophy of continuous learning and development, we are members of CAAR ARAGÓN • The Automotive Cluster of Aragon.